Berlin Weekend Party Guide


Prefer some deep shit Techno? There seem to be more and more parties every year, a deep jungle of options that can drive you crazy. We sort of pre-selected a few in this guide. Of course we did not forget about the Fashion crowd, fun crowd and the black music lovers, have a look. Peace.

Friday 08.04.2016

OE Magazine Release / Studio Cherie / Hobrechtstr 66 / 19.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Pam Bam & Mesu Diye

How we love it when we don’t have to ‚travel‘ to Mitte. Entry only with a „Zusage“ on Facebook. Dudes leaving a plus one, read the description 🙂


Saturday 09.04.2016

All Yours x radio / Prince Charles / Prinzenstr 85f / 22.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Kitkut, Phoenix Muhammad, Micki Rosi Richter…

Girl’s run party at Charles with a trash floor on the toilet.


Schwarze Materie / Ipse / Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b / 23.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Synthek, Daniele di Martino, Schwarze Materie…

Looks like a flyer straight from the 80s, but it’s Ipse at the popular new no-go-area aroud Schlesisches Tor.


10 Years Diynamic / Ritter Butzke (Ritterstr 26) & Watergate (Falckensteinstr 49) / 23.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Solomun, H.O.S.H., Adriatique…

Solomun, our heroe like five years ago, playing at Watergate. All the tourists say „Yay“.


Slocal / St Georg / Ritterstr 26 / 24.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Monte Booker, Smino, ItsNate…

Some black stuff with Gofi and Nico Adomako going at St. Georg, underneath Ritterbutzke.


Pornceptual / Ipse / Molkenmarkt  2 / 24.00 / Berlin
Lineup: Noema, Hyperaktivist, Projekt Gestalten

Gay party in an old factory with 3 floors and a darkroom. If this will become common standard there is won’t be no need for Bergahin anymore, say what.



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