Berlin Weekend Party Guide

Berlin Weekend – an overwhelming jungle of clubs and parties. We help you chosing the right one based on our 2 decades experience of Berlin nightlife and the fact that we are real Berliners. Mix the typical real Berliners attitude with a dash of nostalgia and a touch of loving parental advice and there we go.

There you go, more than 20 years of party, involving about 20 parties with DJ Hell and you never noticed that he is gay. Is he? The gigolo of gigolos? However his new song centers on love between men. Where to find him and more party advice in our Shambo Weekend Party Guide.

★★★ Friday 24.02.2017 ★★★

4 Years of Staub / About Party / Markgrafendamm 24C / 24.00 / Berlin Friedrichshain
Lineup: Staub Djs

4 Years of this Techno Party, 22 hours nonstop.

Dessert w Dj Hell / About Party / Markgrafendamm 24C / 24.00 / Berlin Friedrichshain
Lineup: DJ Hell, Camea, Carlos De Brito

International DeeJay Gigolo Label Boss, GQ Man of the Year, Playboy, Jetsetter, Bon Viveur, Munich Machine, New York Muscle- – we call DJ Hell a living legend. This times Dessert will be the release party for „Car, Car, Car“ from DJ Hell’s Zukunftsmusik album. „My new song ‚I Want U‘ centers on love between men,“ DJ Hell says. „My intention is to convey the beautiful images of the strong, muscular men of the gay community from an unexpected perspective.“ DJ Hell and gay, what did we miss? We remember this gigolo dj hunting down women from Ibiza to former Mitte Club Rio in Berlin.

Shameless Limitless / Westgermany / 21.00 / Berlin Kreuzberg
Lineup: Magic Island Release and support

Hipsteresque party at West Germany gallery with record release and live act.

★★★ Saturday 25.02.2017 ★★★

The What! X Bambi Lounge / Prince Charles / Prinzenstr.85 / 23.00 / Berlin Kreuzberg
Lineup: DJ Schowi, DJ WIGM, P3rry P3rry (Beathoavenz), Monsieur Dope

Solid Prince Charles style party, no Techno, no Engtanz.

Metro / Wilde Renate / Alt Strahlau 70 / 24.00 / Berlin Friedrichshain/Treptow
Lineup: Beroshima, Mijk Van Dijk, Alex Cliché

Beroshima literally once used to be the coolest Techno live act of the 90s and Mijk Van Dijk is as legend as it gets. How could someone not attend this party?

Zug Der Liebe Soliparty / Phono Club / Pappelallee 65 / 23.00 / Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Lineup: Zug Der Liebe Djs

Zug Der Liebe, a kind of political Love Parade, is in need of money. They need to pay GEMA and ‚potential lawyer fees‘, oopsie.

★★★  Monday 27.02.2017 ★★★

Electric Monday / Kit Kat Club / Köpenicker Str. 76 / 23.00 / Berlin Mitte
Lineup: Freedom B, Joao Xminder

Some folks never get enough. Look at yourself, still partying? Or having to work on the weekend and now starting to party? However, for the sleepless Berlin has always a clubnight somewhere.


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A Boiling Room: Photos
Boiler Room at Stattbad Berlin Wedding last evening was the shit. Modeselektor burned the house with a bassline so loud, the police showed up: switching like mad from one style to another, giving people the climax with a late 90s smasher.
DJ Hell is everywhere man!
Das war ein Abend vor zwei Wochen. Patrick Mohr Shop Opening und Boiler Room und überall war dieser Dj Hell. Wir haben uns ganz schön bedrängt gefühlt, er hängte sich praktisch an uns und folgte uns von Mitte bis in den Wedding zum Stattbad. Das war echt gruselig.

Ghost in the Elevator
Do you know that new I-scare-the-shit-out-of-you video Ghost in the Elevator.
Mean, meaner, the meanest!

Don’t do that to your friends, just don’t!
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