Berlin Weekend Party Guide

photo credit: Firmament

Berlin Weekend – an overwhelming  jungle of clubs, parties and opportunities. Real Berliners writing and two decades experience in Berlin nightlife make sure you end up at the right party. Mix the typical Berlin attitude with a dash of nostalgia and a touch of loving parental advice and there we go.

1st of May weekend is always something special for Berliners. First, it is a long weekend, than there is plenty of party and this year it comes together with the gallery weekend, which is, frankly, the shit. So many events, don’t know where to start. Trying to focus on a few special and the Monday is free for roaming around Xberg and discover backyard open airs en masse. The odd Berliner of course flees the city, having  a nostalgic one „Back than Kreuzberg it used to be this and that and look at it now“ kind of style.

★★★ Friday 28.04.2017 ★★★

Bugaboo loves Art / UndPlus / 19.00 / Berlin Mitte
Lineup: DJ NOMAD Africaine 808 and iseemania

Ui, back to Mitte event. Bugaboo`s newest art collaboration with the french graphic artist NIARK1 is presented at this event. They teamed up with the Berlin based artists MAROK, NOMAD and CARMI GRAU. Join them for drinks, good music, and be one of the first to catch a glimpse of the brand new Bugaboo stroller by Niark1 for your future babies.


Experience Zukunftsmusik by DJ Hell & Monomango / Seven Star Gallery / 19.00 / Berlin Mitte
Lineup: DJ Hell & Monomango as the title implies

It’s no well kept secret that we have a secret crush on DJ Hell. He reminds us of a dinosaur, a fossile out of times around the 2000s, when there was Ibiza, the old Cookies, Rio and that kind of stuff. Like, when Mitte used to be cool. True, a real long time ago, we are aware of that.

Within the context of the release of his much anticipated album „Zukunftsmusik“, DJ HELL collaborates with Berlin based design studio MONOMANGO to create a 360 degree virtual reality experience around two brand new songs. The work will be showcased incorporating elements such as light sculptures, dance performers, flying cars and retro future disco in virtual space.

Melt Booking presents: Joe Goddard live / Prince Charles / 20.00 / Berlin Kreuzberg
Lineup: Joe Goddard and pre-act

Electric Lines is the name of his new album, Joe Goddard, member of Hot Chip and 2 Bears, songwriter, producer, dj and Greco-Roman label founder. There are still tickets, go and get them.

★★★ Saturday 29.04.2017 ★★★

Maison Kitsune X SOTO Launch / Soto/ 17.00 / Berlin Mitte
Lineup: Nicolas Kwame Adomako, Noah Becker

3rd capsule collection with the French fashion label Maison Kitsuné! Pop by for some fine drinks and music by Nicolas Kwame Adomako, Noah Becker ( 80s tennis legend Boris Becker’s sun, no he ain’t a redhead).

Kreyol Girls vs Boys Soundclash / Humboldthain Club / 23.00 / Berlin Wedding
Lineup: Nomad and more kreyolinists

Kréyol Vol.2 is coming to  Humboldthain Club! This time with a girls vs. boys soundclash. On the female side kreyoles Edna Martinez, Coco Maria, Isa G.T. & Undoo the Taboo will set the roof on fire whilst on the chico side Dj Nomad and Diskohengst will raise up a tropical storm over Wedding. With tropical food and much more stuff.

African Acid is the Future / Loftus Hall / 23.00 / Berlin Neukölln
Lineup: Maryisonacid, Wolfonacid, Z Lovecraft , Tenderlonious

And there they go again, African is trend, acid is fun as we know from the 90s, why not combine them.

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Little Dragon – Sweet
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A Boiling Room: Photos
Boiler Room at Stattbad Berlin Wedding last evening was the shit. Modeselektor burned the house with a bassline so loud, the police showed up: switching like mad from one style to another, giving people the climax with a late 90s smasher.
DJ Hell is everywhere man!
Das war ein Abend vor zwei Wochen. Patrick Mohr Shop Opening und Boiler Room und überall war dieser Dj Hell. Wir haben uns ganz schön bedrängt gefühlt, er hängte sich praktisch an uns und folgte uns von Mitte bis in den Wedding zum Stattbad. Das war echt gruselig.

Ghost in the Elevator
Do you know that new I-scare-the-shit-out-of-you video Ghost in the Elevator.
Mean, meaner, the meanest!

Don’t do that to your friends, just don’t!
Facebook ist ein Drecksverein!
Das wissen wir ja bereits seit einer Weile. So schnell wie wir MySpace verrätermäßig den Rücken gekehrt haben, konnte zwar keiner gucken. Hat sich aber gelegt die Begeisterung, entblöste Daten, geleakte Privatnachrichten, Veröffentlichung privater Fotos.