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The Weeknd – New Video

So fresh it hurts, The Weeknd just released a new video – Belong to the World. Using Matrix-meets-Resident-Evil-in-Asia aesthetics the guy

Juli 16, 2013 0
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Tati goes Fashion Week

Tati from Latin America prepares for the Berlin Fashion Week. Watch her on The Fruit Salad getting her guest list done, learn about the importance

Juli 5, 2013 0
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Longboarding in Hawaii

There are areas in this world where there is always summer – Hawaii for instance. It was there where the following longboarding video was

Juni 16, 2013 0
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1. Mai 2013 in Berlin – Kreuzberg

How the Berlin first of May has changed thanks to all the bars, shops, stages and cafes playing all sorts of music, turning the 1st of May into a massive

Mai 24, 2013 0
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Art Department at Berghain

Photo by DT64: Just a random Wednesday in Berlin, just a few folks heading to Berghain/Panorama Bar. Why we feature this as a Berlin based mag

Mai 8, 2013 0
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New Music on Sunday

Heartbeat or Heartbreak Thunderdome edition! The return of winter – the return of melancholia. Heartbeat and Heartbreak, our

März 10, 2013 0
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Video Beach House – Wishes

Here ist the official video for Beach House‘ Wishes starring actor Ray Wise. Poor chap, his past is following him everywhere. He will always

März 8, 2013 0
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Lover’s Sunday: Heartbeat

..or Heartbreak. Enjoy this weekends edition of Heartbreak or Heartbeat with the best new music such as Greco Roman Music act Valentina,

März 3, 2013 0
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Boxing Kangaroo (Lemure watching)

Okay, there is women’s boxing, celebrity boxing, quiz boxing. And there is kangaroo boxing vs stuffed hippo, watched by his friend the lemure

Februar 28, 2013 0
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Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend..

..könnte das hier?! Ernsthaft mal, Deine Freundin mag ja hübsch sein oder schlau oder einfach nur echt nett. Aber wenn Du das hier siehst,

Februar 25, 2013 1
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Hangovered Sunday Videos

Sundays. Hangovered, melancholic, steamy or romantic. Potentially altogether. We have five brand new tracks/videos that perfectly go along

Februar 10, 2013 0
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Robosonic – Sunday Shoutin‘

It’s so fresh it hurts!! We try bein‘ pretty fast when it comes to new stuff, like, we never sleep, eat or shower only to be the first ones presenting you new shit.

Februar 9, 2013 0
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Keine Musik Video Release

If you have been living in Berlin for a while and have the slightest interest in electronic music you might have happened to watch Keine Musik rising.

Februar 8, 2013 0
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Last Minute Party Ticker

Weekend and no fucking clue where to go? There it is, our Last Minute Party Ticker! In Berlin the whole week is occupied by a special series of

Februar 1, 2013 0
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Heartbeat/break:Love’s the Devil

„Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.“ – Charles Bukowski says. Such a devilish thing. You either belong to the lucky ones who

Januar 27, 2013 0
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White Collar Boy / Berghain Kantine

White Collar Boy are a 2 peace electronic garage duo who met 2011 at Primavera Festival and decided to make a music project. Excellent idea

Januar 23, 2013 0
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HOOD BY AIR – Matthew Williams

Dirctor and photographer Matthew Williams collaborated with New York underground fashion streetwear label Hood by Air to celebrate

Januar 15, 2013 0
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Heartbeat/Heartbreak with Trust

What could be more appropriate on a dark and cold Sunday than the Synthie oriented sounds made by Austra’s Maya Postepski and Robert Alfons?

Januar 13, 2013 0
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New Music – Rainy Days Tunes

Listen to our rainy days tunes featuring new videos by Toro Y Moi, Ryan Hemsworth, Beach House and the brand spanking new Devendra

Januar 10, 2013 0
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Tonight Gangbang in Berlin

Tonight Kottbusser Tor based SüdBlock is turning into a big Gangbang party! We don’t know if anyone is gonna have sex indeed but the djs

Dezember 29, 2012 0
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Hobotti vs Montell Jordan

Where Sacha Robotti has his hands on, like magic, even the cheesiest shit is turned into hot stuff on the dancefloor, solid gold. This time he

Dezember 27, 2012 0
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Eagle of Death and Mobbing

Children are an option, but something you should clearly consider as very very stressful. So many dangerous people and situations to

Dezember 20, 2012 0
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Heartbeat or Heartbreak!

There are a lot of things you can do on a Sunday like this such as Christmas shopping, having a coffee with friends, visit your parents or

Dezember 16, 2012 0
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Zombie in the Elevator

Those Brasilians who like to scare the shit out of people using the elevator (and finally spread the video worldwide) have made another video.

Dezember 4, 2012 0
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Ghost in the Elevator

Do you know that new I-scare-the-shit-out-of-you video Ghost in the Elevator. Mean, meaner, the meanest. Don’t do that to your friends, just don’t!

November 27, 2012 0
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Images of Thailand Houses

Apart from Fullmoon parties, the beaches and the food, the charme of Thailand’s islands such as Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao, Ko Phi Phi,

November 18, 2012 0
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Normanski’s Ossi Storys

Normanski shares his memories on when he came to West Berlin for the first time 23 years ago as a little boy: Today is a special day. 23 years ago

November 16, 2012 0
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Thailand Foodporn Fotos

Yummie Yum, Instagram food pictures what!? We are having the most tasty food shit pictures of Thailand, BAM. If you have a healthy Fruit

November 8, 2012 0
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New Tracks: Holy Ghost, Presets and

Tame Impala. Three new tracks in your face! One by Holy Ghost: the danceable It Gets Dark is released via DFA. Furthermore news from outta space,

Oktober 16, 2012 0
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Beyoncé got a Lil Sista

Beyoncé Knowle’s little sister does music too and she has a new video Losing You. Tell me the truth, boy, am I losing you for good?

Oktober 8, 2012 1
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Your Flesh Against Mine

Scared little Dillon, she doesn’t like interviews so much and is a rather shy person. Last year at some Fashion Week party in Berlin she

September 12, 2012 0
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LOL Boys (Shlohmo) Video

LOL Boys are bringing me down-way too sad for my opinion. The video for LOL Boys Changes remixed by Shlohmo is out and it is-surprise-very sad.

August 21, 2012 0
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Rustie – After Light (AlunaGeorge)

Musicwise this week starts with a smasher collaboration. Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge (above with Lana Del Rey) has teamed up with

August 13, 2012 0
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Roisin Murphy (Solomun Remix)

Roisin Murphy remixed by Solomun? There is music on this earth that is meant to make you party. Than there is music to make you feel comfy.

August 3, 2012 0
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Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes

Iam Ravin, I’m Ravin. Scottish producer Unicorn Kid clings to old tymes and remixes Blood Diamonds and Grimes‘ Phone Sex, transferring

Juli 23, 2012 0
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In Love with Modular People

Heart attack galore. News of Modular People: Tame Impala, Van She and The Presets.. My yearlong followership began at a Berlin

Juli 6, 2012 0
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A Boiling Room: Photos

Boiler Room at Stattbad Berlin Wedding last evening was the shit. Modeselektor burned the house with a bassline so loud, the police showed up:

Juni 28, 2012 0
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Boiler Room at Stattbad Berlin

Boiler Room is a broadcast of djs and live acts playing at selected locations worldwide. The show has evolved from the UK’s rich pirate radio

Juni 27, 2012 0
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We can do wHAT BOis do, BiTch

L$D, sick shit that is. L$D is the collaboration of Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, and Tragik. Their first single, Don’t Smoke My

Juni 11, 2012 0
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We need Pop – it’s Summertime!

Summer has come – and we need Pop. Kinky girls in stylish clothes singing a sort of punk-electro-pop. At the front: Friends with the official video to

Mai 21, 2012 0
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Video: Kuhrye-oo, For the Fame II

Pic by John Londono
Claire Boucher bka Grimes and Calvin McElroy’s better known as Kuhrye-oo directed a video for For the Fame II,

Mai 9, 2012 0
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Club Monaco x Stil in Berlin

Club Monaco opens tonight in Berlin at Galeries Lafayette. Founded in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco is an international

April 19, 2012 0
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Are you a dog or a cat person?

Are you autonomous, obedient, a leader, a follower, sweet-natured, dense, furtive, crafty, elegant or clumsy? There are many things you like about your animal

April 9, 2012 0
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Techno in den 90ern verpasst?
Für all diejenigen, die den großartigen Bericht über die Anfänge von Techno in Berlin nach dem Mauerfall auf Arte am Sonntag verpasst haben, gibt es hier noch einmal den...

Ben Dahlhaus – Model und Gott
Kennt ihr schon Ben Dahlhaus? Das ist der neue schönste Mann der Welt. Er modelt seit 24 Jahren. Ich meine, man muss sie schon mögen, diese Bärte. Die meisten...

Berghain DJ Ben Klock unboiled
Wie gut ist das bitte !? Ben Klock seinerseits allseits beliebter Berghain DJ, hatte die Ehre vor einiger Zeit im BoilerRoom samt kamerageiler Crowd zu performen. Nicht dass ...


Vom System gefickt
Der moderne Mensch muss sich ja mit allerlei Scheiße auseinandersetzen. Arbeit, Freizeitgestaltung, Freundschaften, das ewige Problem des Über-die-eigenen-Verlältnisse-lebens oder eben Beziehungen. Mit Letzterem beschäftigen wir uns alle ja besonders gerne.
Stoppt die Toyboy-Diskriminierung!
Unsere Gastautorin Sophia bloggt auf ihrem Personality-Blog Oh Sophia. Für uns hat sie sich eines Themas angenommen, das eine stetig wachsende Zahl von Frauen betrifft. Auch sie hat damit persönliche Erfahrungen gemacht.

Little Dragon – Sweet
Sie sind zurück! Nach dem Erfolg ihres Albums Nabuma Rubberband im Jahr 2014 haben die Schweden fleissig an dem neuen Album Season High gearbeitet.

नमस्ते, Kuh und Hakenkreuz
Indien ist mehr Reise als Urlaub. Das Land, seine Menschen und ihre Braeuche kennen lernen. So viele Eindruecke, dass wir sie jetzt noch verarbeiten. Januar-Februar-Maerz, gern mal als die schlimmste Zeit des Berliner Jahres gesehen, schreit foermlich danach, das Weite zu suchen.
A Boiling Room: Photos
Boiler Room at Stattbad Berlin Wedding last evening was the shit. Modeselektor burned the house with a bassline so loud, the police showed up: switching like mad from one style to another, giving people the climax with a late 90s smasher.
DJ Hell is everywhere man!
Das war ein Abend vor zwei Wochen. Patrick Mohr Shop Opening und Boiler Room und überall war dieser Dj Hell. Wir haben uns ganz schön bedrängt gefühlt, er hängte sich praktisch an uns und folgte uns von Mitte bis in den Wedding zum Stattbad. Das war echt gruselig.

Ghost in the Elevator
Do you know that new I-scare-the-shit-out-of-you video Ghost in the Elevator.
Mean, meaner, the meanest!

Don’t do that to your friends, just don’t!
Facebook ist ein Drecksverein!
Das wissen wir ja bereits seit einer Weile. So schnell wie wir MySpace verrätermäßig den Rücken gekehrt haben, konnte zwar keiner gucken. Hat sich aber gelegt die Begeisterung, entblöste Daten, geleakte Privatnachrichten, Veröffentlichung privater Fotos.